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Custom Meal Plans

Our meal planning service is the perfect way to save time, money, and take out the stress! We provide convenient, healthy meal plans that are tailored to you, and updated monthly so you can always enjoy delicious, healthy meals and keep you on your weight loss track. With our meal planning service, you'll be able to save time and money while knowing your meals follow an optimal eating pattern.

You'll receive:

  • Monthly hit and misses questionnaire

  • Monthly meal plans designed around food your family enjoys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Shopping Lists to help you choose ingredients

  •  Cooking Tips Video Collection with tips to help you meal plan, food prep, and cook without certain ingredients

  • Recipe links to inspire you and give you confidence (repeats every other week for one month)

  • Helpful printables with a meal planning worksheet, food pyramid, and swap sheet

  • One year membership with AnyList which can help you create your shopping lists with ease and save you time!

  • Custom Meal Plans

    Every month
    Meal Planning Resources
    • Digital Custom Monthly Meal Plan
    • Monthly Hits and Misses Questionnaire
    • Dairy/Oil Free Recipe links-Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    • Shopping Lists
    • Helpful Printables
    • Cooking Tips Video Collection
    • One Year Membership to Any List
  • Meal Plans Yearly

    Every year
    Save $37
    • Includes all Benefits of Custom Meal Plans Monthly Plan


Check out more detailed information on the different components of your monthly meal plan below. Because this is a custom meal plan, you will also receive a preliminary questionnaire to help determine what kind of equipment you have and what kind of foods you or your family likes or doesn't like.

Generic Meal Plan

Instructions and Tips

Each month comes with instructions, information, and tips to help make your meal planning simpler. You'll get detailed information on how each week is put together as well as information on the main focus for the month.

Shopping List

Shopping List

Your monthly meal plan comes with a list of all of the ingredients that you will need for all of the recipes each week. It is assumed that you will have basic seasonings like salt and pepper. Because this meal plan is customized to you, every effort is made to keep your family size in mind. Your subscription also comes with a year membership to AnyList which makes taking your grocery list and going digital so easy! 

Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid

Your first meal plan comes complimentary with the food pyramid we use. This will help to give you some background as to how an optimal eating plan is designed and why the ingredients are chosen the way they are. 

Helpful Tips

Helpful Food Prep Tips

Included in your digital meal plan is a helpful list of ingredients that are easy to bulk prep and meals that are easy to make ahead. This will help you to plan ahead even better and set you up for success. Also included are lists of ideas for toppings and additional ingredients you can add to different recipes to keep variety. You can always refer to this when you are making your grocery list. 

Bi-Weekly Meal Plan

Bi-weekly Meal Plan

You'll get two weeks of meal plans that when alternated will give you a full month. This will allow you to save money by using similar ingredients, and keep things simple. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are planned out for you and include links to take you directly to the recipe online. 

Meal Plan Template

Meal Planning Worksheet

One of the most helpful components of your monthly meal plan is the meal planning worksheet. This worksheet will help you to make your healthy eating and weight loss goals and stick to them. There's a place for you to mark down your budget, daily meal plans, themes, ways to get your kids involved etc.  Also included is a paper shopping list that you can print if you prefer that over digital. 

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