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Save money with health coaching.

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to enhance your employee's experience in the work environment and searching for ways to improve quality of work and efficiency. 


The health of your employees is priority.


Health insurance isn't going to keep your employees healthy. Health insurance won't keep them making informed decisions and help them reach their weight loss goals. The fact is, that the decisions your employees make about their healthcare directly impacts your business and bottom line. One of the best opportunities you have as a business owner is to encourage people to take responsibility for their health and provide them with resources that can facilitate that.

Our concierge memberships are perfect for businesses looking to enhance their work environment and support health and productivity in the work place. 


For Business Owners

For Employees

Invest in the future

I know it can seem daunting to make changes and get everyone on the same page, however, I will make your transition as easy as possible. I offer a 45 minute informational session for your leadership team or employees to help them to understand the importance of investing in preventative health resources as well as outline the benefits to them including reaching their weight loss goals! This session is completely free to you regardless of whether you decide to invest in coaching for your employees. I am happy to offer the information in a virtual or in-person format.


Your employees can take their power back by getting educated, knowing how the system works, and then having the confidence to make the best decisions for THEIR body.

I can help them do this in three ways:

  • Educational courses, articles, and videos for members

  • Events

  • Personal coaching

  1. Click on the Contact tab to set up a free consult call to discuss your needs and wants

  2. Select the package that best fits your needs

  3. Sign the terms of service agreement

  4. Choose an in-person or virtual information session or opt to send your employees a pre-recorded video with all of the options.

  5. Send payment and your employees will be given access to all their benefits!

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