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Heather Bedard

Health Strategist | Certified Health Educator

Giving people the strategies to make fearless and informed medical decisions.

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Heather Bedard is a wife, homeschool mom, and certified health educator who is passionate about helping people to make informed medical decisions. Her goal is to empower people with the knowledge to take the fear out of their healthCARE. 

Navigating her family through various health challenges has given her a unique perspective that will help you to approach your healthCARE decisions with knowledge and confidence. She has extensive experience in teaching, and has spoken to crowds both large and small as a pastor and creative arts director.


Heather is an inspiring communicator with a gift to make complicated ideas easy to understand.   She brings with her a unique blend of down-to-earth knowledge and prescriptive communication that can be difficult to find in the healthCARE arena.  

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Healthy LivingHeather Bedard
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Interview with Dafne Wiswell on the Beauty of Your Body's Natural Immunity

Conquering Chronic IllnessDafne Wiswell
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Ginger T - Adkins, TX

"I met with Heather to get advice on some medical issues I was having. Not only was it obvious that she genuinely cared about the issues I was having, but she did tons of research to help me find answers. I will continue to use Heather for my health coaching needs and highly recommend her."
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